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 Question 1. A typical energy spectrum is shown opposite with typical features due to interactions in the shielding. Complete the labeling exercise to be sure that you can recognise the various features of an energy spectrum.

Question 2. A gamma-ray photon has an energy of 287 keV after Compton scattering through an angle of 120. What was its energy before scattering:

  662 keV
  1173 keV
  1836 keV


Question 3. Calculate the energy of a recoil electron if a 1173 keV gamma-ray photon is Compton scattered through 60:

355 keV
546 keV
627 keV


Question 4. Calculate the backscattered peak energies corresponding to incident gamma-rays of 898, 1332 and 1836 keV:

0 -100 keV
100 -200 keV
200 -300 keV



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