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Powering up
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  • The high voltage must not be switched on through the preamplifier before the power supply is functioning.
  • High voltage must be originally set to zero and switched off.
  • Check NIM bin is switched on.
  • Before starting to power up, the polarity switch on the high voltage needs to be checked - is it an n-type or p-type semiconductor?
  • Switch on the mains supply, put in a simple source (60Co) near the detector.
  • The high voltage can now be switched on and turned up slowly (~100 Vs-1) to about half the full rated voltage.
  • To check the voltage is having an effect, a pulse should be created on the oscilloscope.
  • The voltage can now be increased as before up to the operating voltage.
  • Once up to operating voltage the electronics should be allowed to warm up and stabilise before use.

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