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The School was held in the CPD Suite and the Oliver Lodge Laboratory of the Department of Physics at the University of Liverpool. The location of the Oliver Lodge laboratory can be found by identifying building 208 on the Map of the University of Liverpool.

The workshop took the form of a number of lectures and hands on workshop sessions. The focus of the school is the use of highly segmented germanium detector systems, digital pulse shape analysis and AGATA data analysis.

The confirmed speakers included Dino Bazzacco (Padova), Bart Bruyneel (CEA Saclay), Fabio Crespi (Milan) and Olivier Stezowski (IPN Lyon). The school will had two workshop session dedicated to collecting and understanding pulse shpae data from highly segmented germanium detectors and the analysis of in beam AGATA data. The workshop started at 2.00pm on Monday 5th December and finished at lunchtime on Friday 9th December.

A copy of the School programme can be found here.

University of Liverpool Crest
Monday 5th December
Session start 2.00p.m
From Liverpool to Europe
Advanced Gamma Tracking Array
Andy Boston
John Simpson (STFC Daresbury Laboratory)
Dino Bazzacco (Padua)
Tuesday 6th December
Canberra Presentation
Weighting Potentials
Pulse Shape Analysis
Dino Bazzacco (Padua)
Marike Keters (Canberra)
Bart Bruyneel (CEA Saclay)
Bart Bruyneel (CEA Saclay)
Fabio Crespi (Milan)
Wednesday 7th December
Detector Characterisation
Data Analysis 1
Bart Bruyneel (CEA Saclay)
Fabio Crespi (Milan)
Olivier Stezowski (IPN Lyon)
Thursday 8th December
Data Analysis 2
Detector Acceptance Testing
Neutron Damage correction
Applications of gamma ray detectors
Olivier Stezowski (INP Lyon)
Helen Boston (Liverpool)
Bart Bruyneel (CEA Saclay)
Laura Harkness (Liverpool)
Friday 9th December
School Overview and Discussion

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