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The EXOGAM Clover detector

The EXOGAM spectrometer utilises up to 16 detector modules assembled in a spherical configuration. Each detector module consists of four high purity germanium crystals assembled in a four leaf Clover configuration. A schematic picture of an EXOGAM Clover detector is shown right.

Each crystal is formed from a 6cm diameter 9 cm length crystal, cut to shape. The central lithium drifted contact is used to extract a high resolution energy signal. The outer boron implanted contact is electrically segmented to form 4 outer contact signals per crystal, these segments can be used to aid the identification of the position of interaction of the incident gamma-ray photon.

The picture below right shows an EXOGAM Clover detector. The picture below left shows a Clover detector mounted with an BGO Escape Suppression Shield (ESS).