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The software support group currently is
Dan Judson .
Support and information may be obtained by email to

TDR Event Builder Software

Version 3.1 released 1/8/2014

TDREB System Requirements

The package is memory hungry - It has been configured to run only one copy at a time on a workstation.
Minimum 512MB, preferably 1GB or more memory required.

TDREB Latest Packages

GUNZIP the downloaded file.
The distribution now has a default install path of /MIDAS/TDR
With configuration it can be installed elsewhere - e.g. in the /MIDAS/GREAT++ directory.
Create /MIDAS/TDR directory first if it does not already exist.
Create a symlink called EventBuilder pointing to the release directory name.
ln -s EventBuilder_v3.1 EventBuilder
Follow the instruction in /MIDAS/TDR/EventBuilder/README.

The distribution contains Linux 32 bit and 64 bit (glibc2.11) compiled binaries

TDR EB Additional Information

Maintained by: Dan Judson