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The meeting will be held in the Chadwick Building and Central Teaching Laboratory at the University of Liverpool. The location can be found by identifying buildings 207 and 802 on the Map of the University of Liverpool.

Workshop programme

*NEW* The workshop programme is now available. Download the programme.

Scope and Topics

The European Gamma and Ancillary detectors Network (EGAN), in the framework of ENSAR (FP7), promotes the mutual coordination between research groups involved in high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy to optimize the use of the valuable resources at the different infrastructures and to enhance synergies among researchers on a broad European scale for frontline research.
The aim of the EGAN 2013 Workshop is to present the latest physics results on obtained with the different gamma arrays and to strengthen the collaboration between theoreticians and experimentalists. In particular we want to explore different methods and techniques from both the structure and reaction mechanism points of view to plan and design new experiments at the stable and radioactive beam facilities.
Review talks are planned with ample time scheduled for discussion. These reviews will be followed by shorter contributions selected from the submitted abstracts. The deadline for abstract submission is the 15th April 2013. Information regarding the abstract selection will be notified to the contributors by the 30th April 2013. The workshop will start at 2pm on Monday 24th June. A welcome cocktail will be served on the evening of the 24th June. The Social Dinner will take place on the evening of Tuesday 25th June.

Annual Open Meeting of the AGATA Collaboration

Wednesday 26th and 27th June (am) will be dedicated to the annual open meeting of the AGATA collaboration organized by the AGATA Collaboration Council where the status, results and plans of the AGATA project will be discussed. There will be a reception on the evening of 26th June sponsored by Canberra.

Meetings of the EGAN Working Groups

The afternoon of Thursday 27th June will be devoted to the meetings of the Working Groups coordinating the Complementary instrumentation developments. The goal of these Working Groups is to promote the coordination and synergy-building in the European Complementary Detectors community. For this purpose, three Working Groups (WG) were created with the following activities:
WG1: Co-operation on the use, design and construction of ancillary detectors to improve the performance and compatibility of the devices. The chairman of W.G. is Daniele Mengoni (University of Padova)
WG2: Co-operation on designing and building the electronics and data acquisition and on the mechanical integration. The chairman of W.G. is Sergio Brambilla (INFN-Milano)
WG3: Exchange of information on the development of simulation tools. The chairman of W.G. is Marcin Palacz (University of Warsaw)
As in previous occasion the meeting of the Working Groups will be done in a single session such that everybody will have the opportunity to attend all presentations. The sessions will include presentations on DSSD Si detectors, Diamond and Neutron detectors. There will be presentations on the new generation of electronics for Ge-arrays and complementary instrumentation and on the new developments on ASICS. Finally will include as well presentations of the ongoing simulation activity, for complementary instruments, for the coming campaigns of AGATA and other large Ge arrays.

Workshop Venue

The workshop will be held at the University of Liverpool, UK. For detailed information about the workshop please visit the website where information will be updated regularly.

Registration and Abstract Submission

Participants are invited to register using the registration form available on the web site from January 27th to 17th June 2013. There will be no registration fee. Lunches will be free of charge during the workshop. The social dinner will also be free of charge for the participants of the workshop. Extra financial support will be available for young researchers wishing to attend the Workshop. This can be requested on the registration form. This support will cover local accommodation costs (bed and breakfast) in Liverpool. The deadline for the request for financial support is 17th May.

Download the first circular.
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